Our mission is to use technology to improve the restaurant industry

About Us

Wandering Waiter is a technology platform that’s designed to cut out the need for waiters in restaurants by allowing customers to view the menu, order and pay for their meal from a smart phone device.

For customers its a convenient, free & modern way to order food and drink, whilst for restaurants its a cost reducing, order taking system.

We have created a vibrant community that allows customers & restaurants to thrive simultaneously and make the most of the eat in sector. We are here to improve the industry and make it more efficient, not disturb it.

Our Mission

– Provide customers a seamless ordering and payment system for every restaurant in 1 place.

– Cut down the time, eliminate errors and reduce difficulties experienced when ordering food & drink.

– Make running a restaurant easy so owners can concentrate on producing great food.

– Maintain the long term stability of the restaurant industry.

– Give back- We are not a normal revenue focused corporation and will use profits for good causes.