How do the restaurant know where to bring my food?2020-10-01T12:39:45+01:00

You enter your table number when you checkout silly!

How do I add a new product?2020-10-01T12:39:02+01:00

Go to your vendor dashboard by logging in here

On the left hand side click if you hover over “product” then an option for “new product” will appear.

A form will appear allowing you to enter a product name, category, tags, allergy information. please complete this for and then we are all groovy.


Why do i have to pay for my food before receiving it?2020-10-01T12:27:06+01:00

We do this to to protect the restaurant from fake orders. Customers could order many dishes and the restaurant will prepare them and knowbody will pay for them. This des change the usual process of eating out in a restaurant so we have made the process of asking for a refund very smooth and easy. If you do not receive your food, are not happy with your food or need to leave before the food arrives then please request a refund and we will process this immediately.

When will my food arrive?2020-10-01T12:24:30+01:00

Once you have placed an order on Wandering Waiter the order details are sent straight to the kitchen of the vendor. The order will be prepared delivered to you using the table number and name provided in the checkout process. If this information is wrong you can chat to the restaurant using the messenger Chat function on their profile to inform them to change the order details.

How do I get a refund?2020-10-01T12:22:02+01:00

Customers are entitled to a refund if their order is not received, the order is not of the expected quality or if there is a dispute with the vendor.

Customers should visit the customer dashboard in the My Account section. The Orders tab will show all previous orders made by the customer. Please find the order for which you require a refund and on the right hand side will be a refund button. Clicking this will alert the vendor and a customer services representative of Wandering Waiter. We will ask the vendor for approval and then return the money to the account in which you paid. This can take up to 4 days to process. If the vendor does not reply to the refund request within 4 days we will process the refund automatically. if the vendor disputes the refund and does not agree to the refund we will open a dispute and investigate the matter.

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